Trip to Paris

Take an imaginary trip to Paris with this assortment of four: Triple Creme Brie, Port Salut, Madrigal, and mini French toasts to tie it all together. Serve the group with a baguette and some fruit and you're on your way. Bon voyage! 

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Trip to Paris
Trip to Paris

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    We selected 4 French Cheeses to make this Trip to Paris almost real. It is all you need to start an evening off perfectly. A traditional blue, a creamy soft-ripened, a wedge of earthy flavors and a cheese with Emmental flavors around the holes. All very French, all very delicious.

    Fourme d'Ambert (8 oz.) - a very old French blue cheese from the Auvergne region. It has a generous blue veining, but is not extremely strong in flavor and aroma. It is a very pleasant blue cheese that you will enjoy. Or a Bleu d'Auvergne Cheese from the same area.
    Port Salut (5.3 oz.) - a traditional monastery cheese and is also known as Saint Paulin, with a thin distinctive orange rind and soft enough that it is spreadable.
    Tripe Creme Brie (8 oz.) - an American-made triple cream brie that can outclass the French equivalent. So a cheese that deserves a place in a French assortment.
    Madrigal (8 oz.) - This cheese could be characterized as one of the French Emmentals; a sweet and nutty gourmet cheese. If you want to go a little bit more traditional, select the Saint Nectaire; a cheese coming from the same area as the blue cheese in this assortment. St. Nectaire has a sweet and grassy aroma and this is repeated in the flavor which is only slightly farmyard like. The cheese is semi-soft, supple, with a milky smell and a mild flavor.
    We've added some French Mini Toast, a plain or a whole wheat version, to complete the Trip to Paris

    (Cheese board not included).

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