French Stinky Cheese Collection

Among all the cheeses that are produced in France, the stinky cheeses may be the most notorious for outsiders. For the French, love of pungent cheese is in their blood. For many of us an acquired taste, but really one to try; push your palate a little bit and do as the French do: savor it after a meal, preferably with a digestif.

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Our French Stinky Cheese Collection has the following cheeses:

Epoisses Cheese (8.8 oz.) - This cheese has a reputation, it's one of the biggest stinkers and will make its presence known. However, when you dip inside you will find a soft interior which will drizzle off the spoon. It tastes deliciously rustic but also creamy and refreshing with sour lemons lingering on the palate. OR try the Indiana-made Foxglove cheese (8 oz.) - a double-cream washed-rind cheese with a flavor is reminiscent of Taleggio.
Munster Cheese (7.8 oz.) - The real Munster Cheese from the Alsace region of France. A traditional blush-colored cheese with a tacky and pungent rind. The inside cheese is remarkably balanced. When ripe this cheese is soft and rich. OR if this is not your thing, try the Rouge (5 oz.) - a washed rind brie cheese. Same appearance but a lot less pungent.
Roquefort Society Cheese (3.5 oz.) - OR Gabriel Coulet Roquefort (8 oz.) - This strong blue cheese is produced following AOC regulations, resulting in a a creamy, moist texture with a rich, intense sheep milk flavor which balances the blue mold aroma. A magic taste that made Roquefort famous the world over.
Pont l'Eveque Cheese (6.3 oz.) - Made in Normandy and is best enjoyed when the stiff center has broken down to a soft fudgy texture, with a deliciously mild creamy finish. OR try Jasper Hill's Willoughby Cheese (8 oz.)- A succulent and buttery washed-rind cheese that has aromas of peat, roasted beef and onions with subtle milky, herbal, ripe-peach flavors within.

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