Wijngaard Gouda Affine Mustard & Dill Cheese

A Dutch-made gouda with a mustard and dill coating added to the edge. The smooth buttery cheese is complemented by the crunch of the seeded topping. 

Cheese, mustard and dill have come together in a cheese with big personality. Made by the award-winning Wijngaard family creamery, this gouda is aged for six months and rubbed with a blend of mustard seed, dill, and a touch of honey and spices. The cheesemakers add the seasoning directly to the cut face of the cheese, creating a flavor filled bite every time. An easy way to add some spice and fun to your next recipe or cheese board.
More Information
Brand Name Wijngaard Kaas
Ingredients Pasteurized cow’s milk, 10% mustard dill (mustard seed 4,0%, sugar, vinegar, water, sunflower oil, dill 0,1%, honey, spices, natural flavoring, herbs), salt, starter, rennet (animal), coloring matter: carotene. Contains: MILK.
Milk Source Cow
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type Wax
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country Netherlands
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