Grassfed Cheese Collection

Many factors affect the flavor of cheese, including a cow's diet. Cheese from grassfed cows has a more complex flavor as the cow's terroir infuses into the cheese. Terroir is the location or microclimate environment in which the cows live. Depending on the terroir, grassfed cheeses may take on earthy of fruity flavor notes.

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Grassfed Cheese Collection
Grassfed Cheese Collection

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    Our Grass-Fed Collection contains the following:

    Mt. Tam (7 oz.) - An organic triple-cream brie from Cowgirl Creamery. All cheeses from this creamery use grass-fed cow's milk. Or Green Hill, a white, bloomy rind and a rich and smooth, velvety flavor with hints of fresh grass.
    Grayson Cheese (8 oz.) - a funky, pungent cheese made on a family farm in Appalachia; full of character. Or Foxglove Cheese, a double cream, washed rind cheese from Indiana grass with a soft consistency when young and breaks down to a runny/scoopable cheese as it ages.
    Thomasville Tomme Cheese (8 oz.) - a farmhouse table cheese made in the style of a French Mountain Tomme named for Sweetgrass Diary's hometown.
    OR Griffin Cheese; this is Thomasville Tomme with the curds are soaked in Terminus Porter from Gate City Brewing, adding a malty flavor.
    McCall's Irish Grassfed Cheddar Cheese (7 oz.) - Ireland is home to a lot of lush greenery, and there you'll find many grass-fed cows roaming. The milk from these cows gives this Irish cheddar grassy, tangy, and sweet flavors. Pair alongside French bread or fresh fruit. A 6 or a 12 months cheese.

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