Grassfed Cheese Collection

Many factors affect the flavor of cheese, including a cow's diet. Cheese from grass-fed cows has a more complex flavor as the cow's terroir infuses into the cheese. Terroir is the location or microclimate environment in which the cows live. Depending on the terroir, grass-fed cheeses may take on earthy or fruity flavor notes.

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Grassfed Cheese Collection
Grassfed Cheese Collection

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    Our Grass-Fed Collection contains the following:

    Mt. Tam (7 oz.) - An organic triple-cream brie from Cowgirl Creamery. All cheeses from this creamery use grass-fed cow's milk. Or Green Hill, a white, bloomy rind and a rich and smooth, velvety flavor with hints of fresh grass.
    Grayson Cheese (8 oz.) - a funky, pungent cheese made on a family farm in Appalachia; full of character. Or Foxglove Cheese, a double cream, washed rind cheese from Indiana grass with a soft consistency when young and breaks down to a runny/scoopable cheese as it ages.
    Thomasville Tomme Cheese (8 oz.) - a farmhouse table cheese made in the style of a French Mountain Tomme named for Sweetgrass Diary's hometown.
    OR Griffin Cheese; this is Thomasville Tomme with the curds are soaked in Terminus Porter from Gate City Brewing, adding a malty flavor.
    McCall's Irish Grassfed Cheddar Cheese (7 oz.) - Ireland is home to a lot of lush greenery, and there you'll find many grass-fed cows roaming. The milk from these cows gives this Irish cheddar grassy, tangy, and sweet flavors. Pair alongside French bread or fresh fruit. A 6 or a 12 months cheese.

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