Grand Suisse Gruyere Cheese

Grand Suisse Le Gruyere AOP, made in the traditional way in the Swiss Alps, with raw milk. A dependable cheese for phenomenal flavor and versatility every time. 

Gruyere is a Swiss staple and beloved cheese around the world. Switzerland is so proud of this cheese that its production is strictly regulated. Any cheese bearing the name 'Gruyere' can be trusted as the authentic product of Switzerland, made in the traditional way. Gruyere is a raw cow's milk cheese with deeply complex and delicious flavors of butter, nuts, grass, and brothy meatiness. It's a classic ingredient in fondue and for melting. When melted the cheese becomes velvety soft, with a gooey stretch that cheese lovers dream about. Gruyere is available at different ages, after various stages of maturation. The longer the cheese is aged, the more intense the flavors will be. Gruyere is a must-try for any cheese lover. Try it in grilled cheese, on burgers, pizza, pasta, or on classic French onion soup. Any melting application will do well with Gruyere. It's also deliciously snackable. Try it once and prepare to fall in love.
More Information
Brand Name Grand Suisse
Ingredients Raw cow's milk, salt, bacteria cultures, rennet. Contains: MILK.
Milk Source Cow
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type Washed
Milk Treatment Raw
Country Switzerland
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