Ponce de Leon Etxegarai Idiazabal-Style Cheese

A traditional Spanish cheese very similar to Idiazabal, made of sheep's milk and lightly smoked, with flavors of olive oil and butterscotch with and a hint of tangy acidity. 

Manchego lovers must try this Idiazabal-style cheese, which is very similar, except this version is smoked. Cheeses like this are classic Spanish shepherd cheeses, made from the herd’s milk before the wheels were left to age inside fire-warmed huts, creating an unintentional but wonderful smoked cheese. Though this cheese is made by an artisanal Idiazabal producer, it technically can’t use the name because it uses both Latxa and Assaf breed sheep. This small inclusion prevents it from receiving the DOP name. It’s aged for 3-4 months and super delicious, especially with Spanish ham, quince paste, or any classic tapas ingredients. Also try it grated over salad – we love it on arugula.
More Information
Brand Name Ponce de Leon
Ingredients Raw sheep's milk, lamb rennet, salt, lysozyme (from egg white), cheese cultures. Contains: MILK, EGG.
Milk Source Sheep
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type Wax
Milk Treatment Raw
Country Spain
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