Salumi Italiani Sliced Coppa Italiana

Salumi Italiani is produced in Italy and sliced in the US. The coppa has a delicate texture and a flavor that pairs well with grilled vegetables, warm crusty bread, mustards, and your favorite red wine.

This coppa is sliced paper thin and thus perfect for charcuterie boards, savory paninis or even a quick snack. Produced in Italy and sliced in the US, this Coppa Italiana is a sweet and mild type of meat cut from the shoulder of the pig. Coppa is a unique pork sausage that has been enjoyed in Italy for an astonishingly long time. In texture the coppa is similar to Prosciutto and when it is sliced thinly you will enjoy the meat's true tenderness and rich earthy flavor.
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Brand Name Salumi Italiani
Ingredients Pork, salt dextrose, spices, sodium ascorbate, natural flavor, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate.
Country Italy
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