Erawan Oriental Style Rice Noodle

When it comes to Vietnamese food, rice noodles are a must-try. Chances are you've had them in pho, pad thai, or stir-fried dishes. Erawan Rice Noodles are also suitable in cold noodle salads and spring rolls. If you need an easy 10-minute meal, give these rice sticks a go.

Erawan is a well-respected Asian food brand - crafting products like tamarind paste, tapioca flour, and rice noodles. Since 1976, their rice noodles have become a staple in Southeast Asian dishes like pho and pad thai. Rice noodles come in a variety of sizes fit for various cuisines. You'll also find them in many Chinese, Filipino, and Indian dishes.
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Brand Name Erawan
Ingredients Rice flour, water.
Country Thailand
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