Patti Torcetti with Butter

Torcetti al Burro translates to Italian Twisted Butter Cookies, a traditional treat with a caramelized crunch and buttery center. Patti Bakery's take on torcetti uses a time-honored recipe and all-natural ingredients for an irresistible, authentic flavor. Serve as a snack or alongside your favorite hot beverage.

As a child, Francesco Patti spent much of his time baking, adding his spin on long-established recipes. After moving to Biella, a city in Italy's Piedmont region, Patti opened his first bakery in 1970: selling ciabatta, pastries, and breadsticks. Today, Patti Bakery continues to unite Italy with several locations in Milan and Biella.
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Brand Name Patti
Ingredients Wheat flour, butter 40%, sugar, malt extract (barley malt, corn flour), salt, brewer's yeast. It may contain traces of milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts and soy.
Country Italy
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