Egalite Whole Wheat Mini Toasts

There's more to life than cheese crackers...there's also cheese and mini toasts! Our mini toasts are a great alternative to crackers. The addition of whole wheat makes these a bit more filling than traditional mini toasts.
If you like the additional flavor of whole wheat products, these all-natural Whole Wheat Mini Toasts are the cracker for you. These tiny one-bite toasts are perfect for serving a variety of gourmet cheese, pate, salami and other delicacies and can be used with soup or crumbled in a salad as croutons. They are very crunchy will not turn soggy very quickly, like thin toast or crackers often do. Each package contains approximately 36 toasts.
More Information
Brand Name Egalite
Ingredients Wheat flour, whole wheat flour, sunflower oil, wheat gluten, yeast, sugar, malted wheat flour, salt, ascorbic acid [dough conditioner].
Country France
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