Will Studd Pont L'Eveque Cheese Le Conquerant

Pont l'Eveque is a pungent cheese from the Normandy region of France. This smaller version is a demi (half) of a normal/large Pont l'Eveque wheel, selected by cheese expert Will Studd for quality and authenticity. 

Le Conquerant Pont L'Eveque is a traditional washed rind cheese from France. The aroma is more intense than the actual flavor of the cheese, which tastes like cured meats, hay, and salted butter. It is best enjoyed when the stiff center has broken down to a soft fudgy texture, with a deliciously mild creamy finish. This pungent cheese has monastic origins from the heart of the Pays de Auge in Normandy, France. It is specially selected by cheese expert Will Studd. It's made using fresh whole milk collected from the designated AOC region of Pont L'Eveque. The word Demi refers to its small size, which influences how quickly this traditional, soft surface-ripened cheese will ripen compared to its larger cousins. Le Conquerant Demi Pont LEveque is packed in a poplar wood box and wrapped in wax paper to form the ideal micro-environment for maturation.
More Information
Brand Name Will Studd
Ingredients Pasteurized cows milk, salt, culture, rennet.
Milk Source Cow
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type Washed
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country France
Dietary & Lifestyle Gluten Free
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