Ponce de Leon Quince Paste

Quince paste is a traditional Spanish food made from the quince fruit (pronounced like "kwins") and is similar to an apple or a pear. The paste is like a thick jam, sweet and fruity, and perfect with cheese, cured meat, crackers and more. An excellent tapas element, it has endless applications.
Ponce de Leon's Quince Paste is handmade in Valencia Spain with traditional methods using only quince, sugar, and lemon. Compared to other quince pastes, this one has a fresher flavor and less sugar, letting the nuances of the fruit shine through. The classic pairing for this is with Manchego cheese, but it's wonderful with almost any cheese, as a glaze for roast meat, with desserts, stuffing pastries or topping for cheesecake. This tub has a shelf life of one year open or unopened, and the color might get slightly darker as it ages, but the flavor should remain the same. Don't let the word "paste" intimidate you - it's just like a jam but with a firmer texture that's spreadable or sliceable.
More Information
Brand Name Ponce de Leon
Ingredients Quince 52%, sugar and lemon.
Country Spain
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
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