Raw Milk Cheese Sampler

Before 1862, when pasteurization got discovered, all cheese used raw milk. Since then, industrial dairying has made pasteurization the norm. However, some cheesemakers have preserved the joys of raw milk to produce cheese with more complex and intense flavors.

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Raw Milk Cheese Sampler
Raw Milk Cheese Sampler

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    Our Raw Milk Sampler contains the following:

    Comte 12 Months (8 oz.) - It's raw by law. Comte's production is so traditional and sacred to France and the European Union that its age-old techniques are required by law. This French version of Gruyere is a flavorful mountain cheese and France's most-eaten cheese. You know it must be good. Or Schellen Bell Cheese (6 oz.); Swiss as well. A cheese that after being aged for 10 months, it acquires a delicious flavor that highlights the the floral, verdant grasslands that the cows feed on year round, with a creamy, full bodied flavor.
    Idiazabal Cheese (6 oz.) - A long-established Spanish cheese that is lightly smoked, as traditional shepherds used to do. This cheese is similar to Manchego and perfect for those who already like Manchego. Or a Smoked Gouda Cheese (6 oz.) - This cheddar has all the deliciousness of smoked cheddar and none of the goaty flavor that intimidates some.
    Coppinger Cheese(8 oz.) - This raw milk cheese is made in the Tennessee mountains and aged until smooth. It has a mild flavor of smoky meat and grass. Truly an American masterpiece. Or a French Raclette (8 oz.) a cheese with a more rustic rind and more funkiness than the Swiss Raclette.
    Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese (8 oz.) - The production of this blue cheese happens every other day, primarily using lower-fat morning milk. Beyond its typical blue mold tang, this cheese has butter, chocolate, and licorice flavors. Pair this versatile blue cheese with dark chocolate or spinach salad. Or a French blue, Fourme d'Ambert (8 oz.) has earthy notes, a buttery flavor, and a smooth and subtle spiciness.

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