Smokey Cheese Assortment

Smoking cheese is a way to cure, and preserve cheese, and a way to add flavor to that cheese. Smoked cheese typically has a yellowish-brown colored rind and sometimes the inside, the paste is a little darker as well.

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Smokey Cheese Assortment
Smokey Cheese Assortment

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    Smoking cheese is a curing process that is practiced in many countries, so when you like smoked cheese you have a rich selection to chose from; the type of cheese, the method of smoking and the wood used in the smoking. Our Smokey Cheese Assortment includes:

    Smoked Goat Cheddar Cheese - (8 oz.) A hint of smokiness is added to a sweet, fruity goat milk cheddar by naturally smoking it with hickory wood. The smooth, well balanced flavor is complemented by a creamy body. OR you can select an 8 oz. Smokin Goat Cheese from Spain which is naturally smoked over beech wood.
    Apple Smoked Cheddar - (8 oz.) A cheddar smoked over applewood before the rind is carefully rubbed with paprika. A moist, mild cheddar, subtly flavored by the smoke and spice. OR Try a simple Smoked Cheddar Cheese by Hoffman's that has an added smoke flavor (7 oz.).
    Hickory Smoked Bourbon Gouda -(8 oz.) Prior to smoking, this cheese is aged to enhance taste. Then the Gouda cheese is slowly, meticulously, naturally cold-smoked for 6 hours using a special aged apple pulp and hardwood to achieve a unique flavor profile. OR Try Yancy's Fancy classic smoked gouda recipe and add bacon to create a cheese great for eating, but even better for cooking with (7.6 oz.)
    Smoked Gouda Cheese - (8 oz.) Van Kaas Smoked Gouda is a great example of a gouda that still retains its original nuttiness, while not being overpowered by smoke flavor. Done with cubin and slicing, try DiBruno Smoked Gouda & Beer Cheese Spread - (7.6 oz.) A splash of brown ale is blended with a nutty smoked Gouda, and slightly sweet pimentos to create a creamy, addictive treat.

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