Accessories and Tools

Whether you're looking for Cheese Knives, Cheese Graters, Boards, Slates, Cheese Paper or replacement wires for your Handee Cheese Cutter, you've come to the right place. This is the home for all of our Accessories and Tools. 

  1. Boska Amigo Serving Board
    Amigo Serving Board
    As low as $15.98
  2. Brooklyn Slate Black Slate Board 7" x 12"
    Black Slate Cheese Board 7 x 12
    As low as $28.98
  3. Boska Tapas Fondue Set Black
    Black Tapas Fondue Set
    As low as $29.98
  4. Boska Copenhagen Brie nife
    Brie Cheese Knife Copenhagen
    As low as $9.98
  5. Boska Cheese Baker
    Cheese Baker
    As low as $24.98
  6. Boska Copenhagen Chees Grater
    Cheese Grater Copenhagen
    As low as $12.98
  7. Formaticum Cheese Paper 11 X 14 2 Ply w/Labels
    Cheese Paper with Labels
    As low as $9.98
  8. Boska Tete De Moine Girole Cutter
    Girolle Cheese Curler for Tete de Moine
    As low as $39.98
  9. Boska Copenhagen Hard Cheese Knife
    Hard Cheese Knife Copenhagen
    As low as $11.98
  10. Boska Cheese Board Slate Lite
    Lite Slate Cheese Board
    As low as $15.98
  11. Boska Set Mini Copenhagen Cheese Knife
    Mini Copenhagen Cheese Knife Set
    As low as $22.98
  12. Boska Partyclette Explore
    Partyclette Explore
    As low as $16.98
  13. Boska Copenhagen Chees Knife
    Soft Cheese Knife Copenhagen
    As low as $11.98