Started in 1956 by Fermin Martin and his wife Victoriana Gomes, Fermin has become world renowned for their fantastic Iberico hams. Using traditional methods to raise and cure the best Iberico pigs in La Alberca, they have perfected a centuries old craft passed down from generation to generation. A unique, hands on artisan method that was born from necessity has given way to the ultimate luxury. The pigs are raised to finish their raising feeding on only wild foraged acorns from the mountainous forests in Spain, which gives these hams an otherworldly divine flavor and a deep red hue.

Fermin pigs stand out for being healthy, well-cared for and happy animals. Combined with our artisanal production methods, this results in an exclusive, top-quality product. In 2005, after 10 years of dedication and a great investment in their operation, Fermin became the first company authorized to export Iberico products to the United States.