Mitica Campo de Montalban Cheese

Much like Manchego, this Spanish cheese can’t use that name because in addition to sheep’s milk, it has cow and goat milks blended in too. 

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Mixed milk cheeses have long been a convenient way to use up extra milk in different quantities. Mixed milk cheeses also allow someone to produce cheese from a small collection of different animals, rather than a large herd of one species. The origins of Campo de Montalban lie there: use different milks with one consistent recipe. That recipe happens to be for Manchego, and this cheese used to bear that name. When Spain granted Manchego D.O. status – or Denominación de Origen – it restricted the name Manchego to only be used on cheeses with 100% sheep’s milk. Such is the life of Campo de Montalban – a mixed milk Manchego-like cheese, but with a different name. This cheese is great for those who love Manchego or Spanish cheeses in general, but want to try something slightly different. It also has a less defined sheep flavor profile since it is blended with cow and goat milks. This produces a cheese without a strong gaminess, but a smooth balance of flavors. Like most Spanish cheeses, it’s perfect for tapas, or with a Spanish cider or wine. Try it grated over salads or soups, or in traditional Spanish recipes. It’s equally good on a cutting board in the center of the table, with a knife put out for people to nibble. Relatively mild, this cheese is good for entertaining those with varied palates.
More Information
Brand Name Mitica
Ingredients Pasteurized cow, goat, sheep's milk, cheese cultures, rennet, salt, lysozyme (from egg white). Contains: MILK, EGG.
Milk Source Cow, Goat, Sheep
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type Wax
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country Spain
Dietary & Lifestyle Gluten Free
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