El Paeller Wood-Fired Cooking Base for Meat Paella

This chicken and duck broth is made in Spain over a wood fire and then packaged at the moment of peak flavor. A base for paella, stews, or sauces, it's selected by Jose Andres as an authentic representation of Spanish cuisine and artistry.
It takes a certain amount of passion to give so much attention to broth. That's what El Paeller does with their line of broths and paella kits that are meant to transport the flavor of true Spanish paella to homes around the world. Started by master paella chef Rafa Margós, El Paeller takes incredible care to capture the flavors of Spain. This version is the chicken and duck broth, made by first browning the meat and then simmering the broth over a wood fire for 90 minutes, before letting it rest near the fire for an additional 30 minutes. This process gives it a smoky rich flavor. Use it to make paella, sauce, or stew. For paella, simply add rice and tuck in some meat or vegetables of your choosing.
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Brand Name El Paeller - José Andrés Selection
Ingredients Water, chicken, duck, extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomato, salt, sweet paprika, and rosemary.
Country Spain
Dietary & Lifestyle Gluten Free
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