Van Kaas

From the land of windmills, wooden clogs, and tulip fields we welcome you to also explore the amazing cheeses that Van Kaas has to offer – Dutch classics such as Gouda and Edam that are aged to perfection and made with a variety of milk types. Van Kaas cheeses are made with tried-and-true cheese making processes because traditional methods result in truly authentic cheeses.

There is a reason Gouda is one of the top selling cheeses in the world. Its versatility is unmatched with a flavor profile ranging from sweet and creamy to rich and salty with notes of caramel and butterscotch.

Van Kaas represents a passion for craft and exceptional cheeses. Greatness takes time and they allow their cheeses just that. Whether you are baking a casserole or souffle and need a rich melting cheese or are putting together a stunning cheese board and need the eye-catching pop of a well-aged gouda, Van Kaas will surpass your expectations.