Sequatchie Cove Coppinger Cheese

Like a mini version of French classic Morbier, Coppinger comes from a family farm in the mountains of Tennessee. This raw milk cheese tastes like grass, citrus, and cured meat, and features the traditional decorative line through the center.


Coppinger is a semi-firm cheese with a striking layer of decorative vegetable ash in its center, a nod to its French cheese inspiration, Morbier. The velvety elastic paste is savory and buttery with notes of fresh grass, citrus, and cured meats, egg custard, and roasted root vegetables. It's the perfect star of a cheese or charcuterie board, or melted onto potatoes or bread. Pairs nicely with: Fruity lighter bodied reds such as Beaujolais Nouveau, malty ales and stouts, pickled vegetables, bacon jam, and charcuterie. Try it melted on a burger or as the ultimate grilled cheese.

Sequatchie Cove Creamery refers to their area of Tennessee as the Savoie of the South, so it is only fitting that they’ve tried their hand at a nod to the Savoie classic, Morbier. While the wheels may be a bit smaller than its French inspiration, it is a many-times over award-winner. It's named after Coppinger Cove, which sits at the base of the Cumberland Plateau and is the secluded hollow that the farm and creamery call home.

Cheesemonger's Note: Coppinger's natural rind can occasionally feature spots of white or green mold - a normal part of the aging process. After extensive testing we recently changed our cheese wrapping method. You'll see some loose air inside the vacuum-seal: this is intentional and what the cheese likes best. We hope you'll notice improved flavor and shelf life on this delicate cheese. 

More Information
Brand Name Sequatchie Cove
Ingredients Raw cow's milk, salt, rennet, culture, vegetable ash (pH buffer). Contains: MILK.
Milk Source Cow
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type Natural
Milk Treatment Raw
Country United States
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