Mercado Little Spain Squids in Ink

From Jose Andres' Mercado Little Spain, these "chipirones" or baby squids are tinned in Spain using a tasty sauce made with squid ink, tomatoes, and onions. The flavor is described as so good that "you'll fall in love with the taste of the sea", and is particularly good with rice or potatoes.
Jose Andres has a love for tinned seafood, also a key part of Spanish cuisine. His line of Mercado Little Spain tinned seafood aims to capture the most delicious types packed with traditional recipes and methods, and bring them to you. This tin features baby squids, also known as "chipirones", packed in a sauce made with their own ink. The flavor is powerfully that of the sea. Perfect for tapas, a "tin to table" dinner, or with potatoes or rice, they are a delicacy meant to be savored without much intervention. On some bread or a cracker should do the trick, maybe alongside a drink of your choice.
More Information
Brand Name Mercado Spain - Jose Andres Selection
Ingredients Squids, tomato, olive oil (13,5%) onion, ink cephalopod (0.2%), species and salt.
Country Spain
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free, Gluten Free
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